Acquisition No.: 2001-01
Title: Photograph; "Bonneauville Girls." About 1902.
Item History:

This photograph and the right to use it in publication were acquired from the Adams County Historical Society about 2001. Although none of the ladies are identified, there were plenty of guesses by the elderly of Bonneauville as to their identity. (Strausbaugh, Weaver, Golden, Gebhart etc.). The interviewees were of the same generation as the children of the lovely ladies in this photo. They were the kids of the Roaring Twenties.

See the Wanda Sanders photograph album collection for the next generation of Bonneauville Girls. Some were no doubt, children of the ladies shown here.

Also see Cat. No. 2014-08AA for a strikingly similar photograph obtained from the George and Esther Kuhn estate in 2014.

Acq. Date: 2001
Acquired from: Adams County Historical Society
Price ($): 50.00
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc