Acquisition No.: 2001-15
Title: Blacksmith Artifacts; Bonneauville, PA.
Item History:

By 2001, the first St. Joseph's Convent in Bonneauville had long been sold. It was used as a private residence by a succession of families. The building was located at 14 Maple Street in Bonneauville, PA. In 2001 the building was jacked-up from its foundation and moved about one block west. The relocation made way for Jessica Street and access to the theretofore land-locked farm acreage of Mrs. Agnes Storm (later Larry McMaster). A new housing development was planned. (See Cat. No. 2001-08 for photos.)

A tip from amateur historian Richard Groft of 18 Maple Street noted; "a blacksmith shop was once located where the new street is being cut." With the aid of a metal detector the following collection of items were removed from that site: padlock, wagon tire section, hook and loops, buggy parts, pliars, auger, milk can lift, large nail and stove plate lifter. Nails and nondescript bits of scrap iron were plentiful at the site.

The fact that the items are made of wrought iron rather than steel indicates that they were made in the early 20th Century or before. Ref. Acq. No. 2001-08 for more info.

Location: Case XVII
Acq. Date: 2001
Price ($): gratas
Type: collection
Curator: ckrc