Acquisition No.: 2004-06
Title: Program; 1906, St Joseph's School, Bonneauville, PA.
Item History:

Closing school exercises for 1906. Rev. E. A. Burhard, rector.

Performances: "Wanted A Confidential Clerk" and "Snow White."

Actors: B. Chrismer, Regina Chrismer, Estelle Eck, Mary Frommeyer, Catherine Frommeyer, John Frommeyer, K. Gebhart, E. Gebhart, A. Golden, Viola Hawn, Corine Little, Dennis Little, M. McMaster, Walter Musser, Emma Myers, Margaret Myers, Mary Myers, Arthur Noel, Edna Noel, B. Redding, Lucy Redding, Charles Smith, A. Sneeringer, F. Sneeringer, George Staub, B. Wagaman and E. Weaver.

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Location: Collection Book I
Acq. Date: 2004
Acquired from: Helena and Don Busick
Price ($): gifted
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc