Acquisition No.: 2004-20
Title: Book; "Our Low Dutch Heritage," Larry Michael Voreis, 2003.
Item History:

Around the mid-1700's, a wagon train of about 900 Low Dutch men, women and children came to the Bonneauville area from the Coastal region of New Jersey. This was the frontier. The Low Dutch Road runs roughly north to south about one mile west of Bonneauville. The Dutch purchased plantations for miles around the road. Each of their plantations had names such as Loss and Gain, Turkey Hill, and Beautiful.

The plantation on which the town of Bonneauville later developed was named "Beautiful." Adams County was formed in the year 1800. In that same year the Dutch sold nearly all of their plantations and moved on to greener pastures. A few families stayed in the area. Van Dyke, Van Arsdale and Brinkerhoff descendants are among them.

This 743 page book is one of one-hundred that were printed by Mr. Voreis. The copies sold for $100.00 each. The writing describes the history of the Low Dutch of the Bonneauville area in detail.

Location: Case VII
Acq. Date: 2004
Acquired from: Larry Voreis
Price ($): 100.00
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc