Acquisition No.: 2010-03
Title: Cigar Box; Golden's Blue Ribbon, "It's Mild."
Item History:

Golden's Blue Ribbon cardboard cigar box. "Punctured Head. Now 6 cents." The 6 cent price has been blackened and "7 cents" added.

A small stamp adheared to the box notes: "Virginia Cigar Tax 15 cents." Box bottom markings: Permit no. C-777 PA. "The ordinary retail price of the cigars herein contained is intended by the manufacturers to be more than 4 cents each but not more than 6 cents each." (The 7 cent marking violates that law.)

See Cat. No. 1990-01 for a historic overview of Goldens Cigar Manufactory in Bonneauville, PA.

Location: Case I
Acq. Date: 2010
Acquired from: Gettysburg Flea Mkt.
Type: accession
Curator: ckrc