Acquisition No.: 2013-62A-2
Title: Photograph Album 2 - Wanda Sanders.
Item History:

Victorian Era Red velvet photo book with aluminum trim and cutout of the word "Album." This book, which accompanied 2013-62A-1, contains (26) cabinet cards. Based on Timothy Smith's (Adams County Historical Society) analysis of the Gettysburg area photography ptudios, the photos were shot from the 1890's to the very early 20th Century. Most of the photos were taken at J. Mumper and W. H. Tipton studios in Gettysburg, PA. Only one card in the album has a written back mark.

Photograph Descriptions: Album No. 2

Photo No. 1 - Reverend P. P. Hemler - served as interim pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Bonneauville in 1893. Photo; C. H. Stavely, Littlestown, PA.

Photo No. 8 - "For Anna" penciled on back.

No other photo's identities to date.

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Location: Case IX
Acq. Date: 2013
Acquired from: Roland Sanders
Type: collection