Acquisition No.: 2014-09K
Title: Shotgun; "New White Powder Wonder," Single Shot, Breech Load.
Item History:

This single barrel, single shot, shotgun was found on the attic chimney shelf of the George and Esther Kuhn house near Bonneauville, PA on 5/22/14. The gun was in two pieces - the break pivot pin having been misplaced. "New White Powder Wonder" is a "trade brand name." Trade brand name shotguns were manufactured by a major makers and sold by wholesale sporting goods dealers, retail chain stores or an independent retailers who chose the name to go on the gun. Guns with the name WHITE POWDER WONDER were made by one of four makers, Crescent Fire Arms Company of Norwich, CT (1892 to 1931,) W.H. Davenport Arms Company also of Norwich, CT (1878 to 1910,) Meridian Fire Arms Company of Meridian, CT (1905 to 1910,) or Stevens Arms & Tool Company of Chicopee Falls, MA (1874 to date).

The guns were made for and sold by Sears Roebuck & Company and other manufacturers. The maker of at least two of the Crescent made guns will stamped the serial number on the lower tang just behind the trigger guard. The Stevens-made gun can be identified by the shape of the butt stock where it joins the receiver. The butt stock will have a semi-circular projection in the wood the fits into corresponding cutouts in the receiver. The serial number on the Crescent made gun can be used to determine the year made. These old guns were inexpensive. In 1901 Sears and Roebuck charged "Only $4.10 for a genuine American made nitro powder breech load."

Serial Np. 170388.

Barrel engravings: "Genuine Armory Steel" and "Choke Bored"

This gun was consigned to Yingling's Auction Service in Gettysburg and sold 6/3/14 with a large portion of the Kuhn estate.

Stored in the attic near this gun was a "Civil War Gun" which was retained by the family.

Location: Wall
Acq. Date: 5/22/14
Acquired from: Mary Esther Kuhn
Type: collection
Curator: ck