Acquisition No.: 2014-09L
Title: Postcard; George and Esther Kuhn Farm. Aerial View.
Item History:

In the first decade of the 20th Century Kodak introduced a camera that allowed customers to shoot black and white photographs that could be printed directly onto photo paper with a postcard format on back. It was the peak period of the penny postcard. The cards are now collected and classified as "real photo postcards."

One can picture an early bi-plane pilot capitalizing on the photo process, his aircraft, and the novelty of aerial photography, to produce this card and others like it.

This card shows the George and Esther Eck Kuhn farm (later the Marie Kuhn Farm) before either of their ownership. The farm is located on the old Hunterstown Road North of Bonneauville.

The shot was taken from the back or west side of the farm. The road running in front of the house and barn is the Hunterstown Road. It bisects the farm with about fifty percent land on each side. Long dark shadows indicate evening time in the fall season. Horse drawn wagons with wood spoked wheels and interchangeable beds were still in use. The leaves have fallen and the corn has been harvested. Corn shocks are propped against the windy west side of the barn as insulation for cattle and horses inside - a common practice in earlier times. To the right of the house and summer kitchen stands a tiny figure. A lady, arms crossed, stands by the outdoor well pump. She is looking up at the airplane taking her photograph. At any given moment on a clear day, we can look outside and see jet aircraft contrails. An airplane was still a relatively rare sight in the Bonneauville area at the time this postcard was made.

An identical but larger original photograph of this shot exists as well (Ref. Cat. No. 2014-19M.) The reverse of the larger photo is stamped: "Aerial Surveys, Henry DeWolf, Aerial Photographer, 245 Randolph St., Hamilton 2650, Rochester 21, N. Y."

Also see Cat. No. 2014-08P.

Acquired from: Yingling's Auction Service, Gettysburg, PA.