Acquisition No.: 2014-09M
Title: Photograph; George and Esther Kuhn Farm - Aerial View From Rear.
Item History:

This photograph shows the George and Esther Kuhn farm (later the Marie Kuhn Farm) before either of their ownership. The farm is located on the old Hunterstown Road North of Bonneauville.

An identical but smaller real photo postcard of this shot exists (Ref. Cat. No. 2014-19L.) Refer to that cat. No. for a description of this shot. The reverse of this photo is stamped: "Aerial Surveys, Henry DeWolf, Aerial Photographer, 245 Randolph St., Hamilton 2650, Rochester 21, N. Y."

13" x 16" framed.

Location: wall
Acquired from: Yingling's Auction Service, Gettysburg, PA.