Acquisition No.: 2014-09N
Title: Photograph; Civil War Soldier and Female.
Item History:

No. One of four 16" x 20" unframed 19th Century photographs from the Mary Ester Kuhn Collection.

Back markings: "Mrs. Small" script, pencil.

Insects that like to feed on pictures, and the temperature and moisture extremes of a century of storage in an uninsulated attic have wrought severe damage to these historic pieces. Despite the towns contribution of men to the cause of the Civil War, few Bonneauville artifacts relating to that event are known to exist.

These images are of a photo print style popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's. This series of four prints were quite likely made from earlier photographs, at the same time. Their size, style and lack of markings are the same. The two photos of the civil War solder/veteran seem to span twenty or more years. One is at or near the time of service, the other is of a greying, decorated veteran. The two photos are most surely of the same man.

Refer to Cat. No. 2002-24; "Soldiers Memorial: Bonneauville Boys, Company G, 165th Reg." Jacob Miller of Bonneauville was captain of the regiment. John F. Kuhn and William F. Kuhn served as privates in the group.

Refer to Cat. No's. 2008-01 and 2008-02 for John and William Kuhn history, as well as two 165th Infantry Regiment diaries defining the unit's day to day activities. The binder contains copies of many period newspaper articles that give insight into the Kuhns and the 165th's assignments and accomplishments .

(See Cat. No. 2004-02 binder for info and GAR 1862 Military Draft Log. No. 664 is William F. Kuhn.)

This photo shows a man in Civil War uniform with perhaps his wife or mother. He wears a military Kepi or forage cap and a Yankee uniform jacket. A sword shoulder belt with plate drapes over his left shoulder.

(A Civil War gun was also found with this collection. The gun was passed on to a family member.)

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Acq. Date: May 22, 2014
Acquired from: Mary Ester Kukn
Type: collection