Acquisition No.: 2016-06
Title: Deeds; George and Mary Kuhn Farm, Marie Kuhn Farm et al.
Item History:

Refer to Cat No's. 2014-08 and 2014-09 for the extensive George and Marie Kuhn family collection.

This collection of deeds related to the Kuhn family were gathered from the Kuhn homestead attic after the death of Marie Kuhn in 2014. They were first on loan, then unaccounted for until January of 2016.

The earliest of the ten indenture/deeds is dated 1838. It was the Mountain Man Era of the great west. That year the Cherokees were on the Trail of Tears and the Mormons were fleeing west.

This deed refers to an even earlier date of 1809. This was just more than a decade after the year 1800, when nearly all of the Low Dutch settlers who owned the plantation lands in and around Bonneauville - sold their properties and left the Area.

The early deeds description notes: "Beginning at a stone thence by lands of Robert Ewing. . . " George Hagerman, Margaret Rickrode, and "her father, Joseph Kuhn" are mentioned.

The balance of the deeds are dated: 1866, 1876, 1894, 1897, 1898, 1904, 1905, 1939, and 1975.

Three early maps accompany the deed package.

Map 2016-06A1 includes the following names/property owners: George Carl, Wolford, Andrew Little, John Felix, Chris Hosler, George Jacobs, David Detrich, and John L. Gubernator.

Map 2016-06A2 includes the following names: : "Heirs of Wolford," George Carl, Andrew Little, John Felix, David Detrich, Rickrode, John Ewing, Samuel Ewing, C. Hosler? and John L. Gubernator. This map refers to property lines established as early as 1745; nearly a decade before the beginning of the French and Indian War.

Map 2016-06B has faded over time and is very difficult to read. Legible names include: Margaret Rickrode, Robert Ewing, and George Hagerman. The date is November 21, 1838.

Note: This deed collection is stored in a black binder labeled "2016-06".

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Acq. Date: 1/21/16
Acquired from: Mary Ester Kuhn/Richard Kuhn
Price ($): -
Type: accession