Acquisition No.: 2016-07
Title: Postcard; Vincent Staub.
Item History:

In the first decade of the 20th Century the Kodak Company introduced a camera that allowed customers to shoot black and white photographs that could be printed directly onto photo paper - with a postcard format on back. The printing process was performed at local photograph studios. Unlike commercially printed cards, each real photo shot was one of a kind (but could be printed several times). This photo appears to have been taken with a standard format Kodak Brownie camera (or similar model,)and added to a postcard blank at a local photo studio.

These cards are now collectable, and classified under the genre; "real photo postcards."

This postcard is of Vincent Staub of Bonneauville.

Refer to Cat. No. 2004-01 for Margaret Staub Bria's book on the life of her father.

See Cat. No. 2015-07 For an enlarged and framed photograph and description of this pose.

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Location: Case XV
Acq. Date: 2/5/16
Acquired from: Margaret Staub Bria
Price ($): gifted
Type: accession