Acquisition No.: 2016-11
Title: Photograph; Blue Ribbon Cigar Truck.
Item History:

Coincidentally this and the next two cataloged items are all Goldens Blue Ribbon Cigar Co. of Bonneauville related. All were acquired in two weeks from three different places.

I discovered a surprisingly interesting museum chocked full of Franklin and Adams county items in a remote and unexpected place in the mountains near Caledonia State Park. "Preserving Our Heritage Archives and Museum" is located at 11191 South Mountain Road, in South Mountain, PA. Amongst the myriad of framed eight and one half by eleven photos lined-up neatly on the walls was a picture of a whimsical Blue Ribbon Cigar truck. On the roof of the truck is a larger than life bust of a dashing gentleman admiring several containers of cigars.

Text attached to the photocopy is as follows:

"Featured in this photo is an early delivery vehicle used to advertise Golden's Blue Ribbon Cigars. These vehicles became known as huckster trucks after the term hucksterism which is defined as high-pressure selling and advertising. (Note the extravagance in the advertising as the open cigar box and bust of a man smoking a cigar atop the vehicle.) From the January 14, 1911 issue of the Adams County News comes the following: E. L. Golden reopened his cigar factory on Monday after taking inventory. The April 7, 1951 issue of the Gettysburg Times contains the obituary for Emory L. Golden and contains the following: Emory L. Golden 78, Gettysburg R. 5 retired cigar maker, died this morning. He was a cigar manufacturer for 30 years retiring in 1941."

Location: Case I
Acq. Date: 4/13/16
Acquired from: Preserving Our Heritage Archives and Museum, South Mountain, PA.
Price ($): 5
Type: accession