Acquisition No.: 2016-12
Title: Log Book; Re. Blue Ribbon Cigars.
Item History:

This log book from George S. Kiick and H. W. Miller Co., Hanover PA meticulously lists each item with which the company dealt. Whether this business was a general store, a distribution business or other is unknown. The well worn 6" x 8" leather bound binder was supplied by J. W. Fischer & Co., Hanover, PA.

Items from ammo and anti-pain ointment to oysters and yarn are alphabetically listed by brand name. Of relation to the town of Bonneauville are the Cigar listings. Among the thirty cigar brands listed by name are two of particular interest. One is Blue Ribbon, which at one time was among the most popular cigar brands sold on the East Coast. (Goldens produced a million cigars a year in the early 20th Century.)

Handwritten in pencil below the neatly typewritten column of cigars are four additional brands. One of them is "Two Friends Cigar". Oral family history and the book "Bonneauville History and Lore" note that this was one of about ten brand names the Golden's produced. The subject log book offers to this collection, the first glimpse (other than oral history,) that the brand did exist.

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Location: Case I
Acq. Date: 4/23/16
Acquired from: Kress Family Auctions, Dubbs Church Annex, Hanover, PA.
Price ($): 10
Type: accession