Acquisition No.: 2016-22
Title: 1896 Letter, Wm. J. McBride, Bonneauville, PA.
Item History:

Bonneauille, PA.

May 4th, 1896.

Mr. W. McSherry,

"Did you rent or give Mr. Wagaman the privilege to use your lot next to the school? The fencing is nearly all down and there is danger of his horse getting into my wheat. I gave _ Sarah Gallagher her permission to put her cow into the lot for a few hours each day, provided someone remain there to keep her out of the wheat. She drove the cow out on Saturday and had a notice served on her last Saturday from Squire Sneeringer. I think the best way to settle the matter is to allow both to use it. There is not much in it, but wild grass and weeds. Hope you are well."

Yours sincerely,

M. J. McBride

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Location: Collection Book V
Acq. Date: 8/22/16
Acquired from: Robert Signor
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