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Title: 1884 Letter, _ McMaster, "Near Bonneauville, Adams Co".
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Near Bonneauville, Adams Co.

Feb. 19, 1884

Wm. McSherry,

"I was to see Eph. Miller. He say that he would rather have me to keep money, and now I need to sell some stock for cash or sell at public sale, and have the notes discounted to raise what cash I need this spring. I am offered the cash for notes but can not agree about the discount. If you will but my notes at six percent It will be an accommodation to me. I will call to see you when I get to town. I was to see Pritseh (sp.?) I can get nothing out of him. He persists that he owns nothing. He promised to give me 25 dols. Soon. He is sure he will get his money in May when he will pay me $100.00. I doubt very much whether he will do anything that he promises- but I believe it will be the best for me to let him alone and drop the further prosecution of the cause. I do not wish to have anything more to do with our sheriff."

Yours very respectfully,

Jacob McMaster

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Location: Collection Book V
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