Acquisition No.: 2016-24
Title: Victorian Trade Card; J. B. Shorb, Bonneauville, Pa.
Item History:

Victorian Trade Cards were an excellent and widely used early form of advertising. Card subjects varied greatly. Advertisers printed the cards with their product information on one side and offered them gratis to small businesses who's advertising was printed on the reverse. Folks loved to trade the varied subjects and both businesses benefitted as the cards spread.

Willimantic Linen Co., the primary advertiser on this 2 ½ " x 4" card, touted "Superior SLX Cord Machine Thread". Printed near the bottom is: "The best thread for sewing machines." The name Willimantic shows up one other place. It is emblazoned across the American Flag that flies over the cityscape scene.

In fine print at the bottom is "Ketterlinus Phila", Printer of the lithographed cards.

On the reverse of the card is printed:

"Use Willimantic spool cotton, sure road to prosperity."

"J. B. Shorb,

Dealer in

Dry Goods, Notions and General Merchandise,

Bonneauville, Pa."

Of course, Mr. Shorb would have sold Willimantic thread in his establishment.

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Location: Case V
Acq. Date: 8/24/16
Acquired from: Little, 107 Broadway, Hanover, Pa, via E-Bay
Price ($): 8
Type: accession