Acquisition No.: 2018-07
Title: Display Case; Clement B. Hawn Military Items.
Item History:


His dog tags read:

“Clement B. Hawn

33237400 T44 43 O

Regina A. Hawn


Gettysburg PA C”

One Saturday evening in early 2018

I spotted a small display case at Stoners Auction in Glen Rock. PA. The case was filled with military patches, buttons, medals and badges. That can’t be the well-respected WWII Veteran Clem Hawn of Bonnneauville I thought. A closer inspection of the dog tags revealed that it was. Clem was a much liked gentleman when I knew of him during my childhood in the same town.

The bidding started at a few dollars and soon passed its $20.00 value. As the $5.00 increments added, the price reached $55.00 it occurred to me that I must be bidding against a Hawn family member. I do not like to persons bidding on items of sentimental value.

I ceased bidding and the item was struck down to a gentleman behind me (named Ron Manzer.) “If you are family I am sorry for running the bid so high” I said. “I am a dealer and I know a man that collects military dog tags,” said he. Would you be interested in selling me the balance of the items”, I inquired? “Yes” was Mr. Manzer’s reply.

Mr. Manzer supplied me with a paper copy of Clem Hawn’s dog tags. I had them reproduced on an original WWII dog tag making machine. At the same time he delivered Hawn’s patch and ribbon collection. Unfortunately he removed the grouping from its original display case, mixed it randomly with other non-related militaria, and placed it all in one frame.

Through diligent research Mr. Manzer was able to provide me with paper copies of two Clem Hawn related documents: “Application for WWII Compensation…” and “Record of Burial Place of Veteran.”

Mr. Hawn is buried at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Bnneauville.

See Cat No. 2001-02 for a group photograph of Bonneauville WWII veterans including Mr. Hawn.

Photograph: Image