Acquisition No.: 2019-01
Title: Display Box; Automibile Dealer's ID/Pens, Jago Brothers.
Item History:

This chromed metal "Jago - Bros. Bonneauville, PA." emblem was one of many placed on the rear of Jago's used cars, (Usually at the lower left corner of the trunk lid.) Their car lot was located at 66 East Hanover Street in Bonneauville, PA, (Currently the home of Kenworthy Funeral Home.) The Jago's specialized in Cadillac's but also sold other makes of vehicles.

This item mav have never been applied to a vehicle since the glue strip is still intact.

The two ballpoint pens are labeled; "Jago Brothers, Quality Used Cars."

Ref. Cat. No. 2009-17 for similar emblem.

Ref. Cat. No. 2007-09, 20008-05, 2008-13, 2015-06 and others for Jago History.

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