Acquisition No.: 2019-15
Title: Book; "Adams County History"
Item History:

" Adams County History " 2018, Vol. 24. was published by the Adams County Historical Society. Written By Valerie Young, this 79 page volume updates the history of the 53 Adams County men who died in The Great War (WWI). The book was written "in honor of the 100th anniversary of the first World War".

Of the 53 Adams County men noted, three had ties to Bonneauville, PA. Charles Clarence Bucher "was born January 31, 1894 in Bonneauville". (see page 33.) Fabian John Orndorff "was born July 29, 1895 in Bonneauville". (see page 53.) Bucher died in combat, Orndorff died of disease, as did many of the 53 who's histoies are noted in the book.

Mot included in the book are men like Simon C. Myers who died in Bonneauville, from complications of war gas attacks, about one and one-half years after his discharge.

Sylvester Guy Miller is listed in the book as being from Mt. Pleasant Township. He (and his parents) are burried in Bonneauville's only cemetary. Miller was killed in action.

There are a total of seven WWI veterans burried at St. Joseph's Cemetary in Bonneauville, PA.

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