Acquisition No.: 2019-16
Title: Ephemera; Postmarked Bonneauville.
Item History:

This package contains fifteen pieces of corresopndence. Each has a "Bonneauville" or "Gettysburg, Bonneauville Rural Sta" postmark. Both postcards and letters are represented. The name Attourney William McSherry (of Gettysburg) is on ten of the pieces. Dates span from 1884 through 1913. The "Bonneauville" postmarks predate the "Gettysburg, Bonneauville Rural Sta." ones.The "Bonneauville" postmarks represented a time when the town had it's own post office.

2016-16-1: Postcard: McSherry/Mcmaster. Re: Financial matters.

2016-16-2: Postcard: McSherry/Noel. Re: Business.

2016-16-3: Postcard: George Hiner/J. E. Miller/ Civil War Capt. J. H. Flank (sp?)/H. Chronister. Re: Civil War captain's disability.

2016-16-4: Postcard: McSherry/J. J. Staub Re: Business.

2016-16-5: Postcard: McSherry/S. H. Mackley. Re: Farm business.

2016-16-6: Postcard: McSherry/J. A. Noel. Re: J. J. Staub business.

2016-16-7: Postcard: Ella S./Clara E. Gochenour. Re: Friendly correspondence.

2016-16-8: Postcard: Mrs. P. W./Miss Mable Chambers. Re: Friendly correspondence.

2016-16-9: Postcard: Mrs. Mary Grocer/. Re: Friendly correspondence.

2016-16-10: Postcard: Ray Epley/Viola M. Hawn. Re: Friendly correspondence.

2016-16-11: Letter: Mr. William McSherry/J. Sowers. Re: Mortgage payments.

2016-16-12: Letter: W. A. McSherry/John Keiser. Re: financial Matters.

2016-16-13: Letter: William McSherry/Mary Vangherty (sp?). Re: Rental property.

2016-16-14: Letter: William McSherry/S. H. Mackley. Farm business.

2016-16-15: Letter: W. McSherry/I. A. Noel. Re: Financial matters. Note stamped advertising on Envalope: "I. A. Noel, Dealer in Dry Goods and Notions, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats and Caps, Hardware, Tinware, Stoneware & Queensware, Bonneauville, PA.

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