Acquisition No.: 2019-29
Title: Print Block; CWV
Item History:

This catalogue file contains approximately fifteen records relating to the Bonneauville Catholic War Veterans organization. This print block was likely used by the orginization to print newspaper or other advertisements, broadsides, etc. and would have been used in conjunction with textual blocks.

The zinc on wood block was created in the mid-20th Century. (The first C. W. V. group was formed in 1935.) The block is quite worn, especially at the center where a star and "US" would appear. It may have since seen decades of use as a paper weight or in other service. The unusual feature of this block is the four loops that intersect the arms of the cross. The loops are not found on typical CWV organization logos.

As with all print blocks, the image is mirrored. Brads that help hold the zinc to the wood block, zinc vs. copper metal, and the founding date of the organization, help to date the piece.

Photograph: Image