Acquisition No.: 2020-04
Title: Book; "The Art of the Cigar Label."
Item History:

The Golden Family's cigar business of Bonneauville was the most successful industry ever to occupy the town. A history of the Goldens cleverly operated business is well documented in this Bonneauville Museum catalogue file. Of the dozen or so cigar brand names the company used, two of their cigar labels are represented in this book. One is: "Two Friends", depicting the striking contrast of an elegant young lady in flowing blue dress and her handsome St. Bernard dog, on a golden yellow background. (page 140 and 141, category "animals"). The second is: "Two Homers", showing two natural-colored homing pigeons on a yellow background. Included in the text is; "Two for 5 cents". (page 145, category "animals".)

Cigar smoking was immensely popular in the early 20th Century. There were thousands of manufacturers on the East Coast alone. The best way to attract customers to a specific cigar brand in the days before TV, radio, and computer advertising was the use of cigar box visual art as well as clever, endearing naming.

"Blue Ribbon" was the most successful brand that the Goldens produced. There is a blue Ribbon label on page 188 of this book. It appears not to be of Golden Family production. As well, on page 196 is shown, a "Golden Dawn" label which is likely not of Bonneauville origin.

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