Acquisition No.: 2020-05
Title: Display Box; Promotional Gifts-Bonneauville Businesses.
Item History:

A. Pen: 50th Anniversary. Bonneauville, PA.

B. Pen: Kenworthy Funeral Home, Bonneauville, PA.

C. Pen: C.W.V. Post 1342, Bonneauville, PA.

D. Pen: Saint Joseph the Worker Catholic Church, 150th Anniversary.

E. Pen: Image Advertising, Jerry Staub...RD5 Gettysburg, PA.

F. Pen: The Grey Goose Inn, Bonneauville, PA.

G. Pen: C.W.V. Post 1342, Bonneauville, PA, 25th Anniversary.

H. Pencil: "Hartlaubs New and Used Furniture-Bonneauville." (Locust St.)

I. Pencil: "Hartlaubs New and Used Furniture".

J. Refridgerator Magnet: Bonneauville Inn...

K. Refridgerator Magnet: Roberto's Pizza 337-3793, 337-3501.

L. Business Card: Bonneauville Police Department

M. Business Card: P & J Antiques. Paul and Jane Walter, 15 Pin Oak Drive, Gettysburg (Bonneauville,) PA.

Photograph: Image  Image