Acquisition No.: 2020-08
Title: Report Card; Mount Vernon School, 1870.
Item History:

Mount Vernon School was an old one-room schoolhouse located approximately one mile west of Bonneauville on Rt. 116. The building is of sandstone construction, instead of brick which was more typically used in Adams County. Long since converted to a residence, the building is located on the north side of the highway just west of White Run.

This 3” x 5 ½” pre-printed card was recently discovered in a box of penny postcards stored by the author. Publisher of the card was; Colton, Zahm and Roberts, New York. On the face of the one color printed card are the words “Golden Maxim Reward” and “He who is anxious to know what others say of him destroys his own peace.” An abundance of single-tone art scenes expresse knowledge and education. An oval paper medallion of a young lady, in color, graces the center of the card.

The Back of the card was originally blank, until, in 1870, a teacher penned a report regarding one of his better students.

Just seven years earlier The Battle of the East Cavalry Field was fought just over the small hillock (Mt. Vernon?) to the west of the school.

The entire report card script follows: “Presented to Andrew _ Yingling, By ___ Snyder (Teacher), Mt. Vernon School, April 15th, 1870.”

“Branches of Study; Second Reader…Middling, Third Arithmetic…Very Good, Third Mental…ditto, Spelling…Good, Writing…Very Good, Outline Geography …ditto, ___…Middling, Attendance…Good.”

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