Acquisition No.: 2021-28
Title: Minature Book; "The Art of the Cigar"
Item History:

This minature novelty book measures a mere 2" x 2 1/4" x 1/2". Within its un-numbered pages, in Chapter five, titled; "The Art of the Cigar" can be found a sampling of Goldens of Bonneauville cigar box cover art. The product is named "Bokay-Grande". The brand was touted as "Hand Made, Long Filler, and Very Mild." Bokay-Grande was a five-cent (likely pre-WWI) cigar.

See Cat. No. 1990-01 for more Bokay-Grande info.

This book by; Diane K. Stevenson, Ariel Books, Andrews and McMeel, Kansas City.

ISBN 0-8362-2662-3

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