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Title: Books; "Advance the Colors!" Two Volumes.
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Most of the young men of the Bonneauville area who fought in the American Civil War served with Compang G of the 165th Pennsylvania Infantry Regiment. The flag that these men fought under still exists and is preserved in Harrisburg, PA with many of its kindrid ilk. The two volumes herein addressed contain a cumulative wealth of Pennsylvania Battle Flags. Included is the flag of Compang G of the 165th.

Vol. I - Copyright 1987, ISBN 0-8182-0090-1 "Appendix II, "Composition of PA Regiments", Page 211, "Co. G, 165th".

Vol. II - Copyright 1991, ISBN 0-8182-0155-X "1863-63 Drafted Militia, 158th, 165th-179th Infantry".

Page 473 -"State Color, 165th Infantry, maker "HB", 1986-5.290 wiwth a brief history.

Page 580, 581 - Appendix III - "PA Civil War Color Bearers". There are no bearers listed for 165th Inf.

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